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The term Risk has come to be used quite generously these days. Whether it is business, personal life, community, society, financial world, stock markets, politics, strategic affairs or international relations, a reference to ‘risk’is bound to be made everywhere. The large variety of applications of this word ipso facto speaks of the enormity of the concept. Risks in general have remained with mankind since the beginning and possibly will remain so forever. In the recent times, however, developments like globalization of economies have on one hand thrown up numerous opportunities and on the other increased our exposure to diverse risks. Most recently the global financial crisis and its aftermath is also a stark reminder to all of us of how worse things can go. Again from a different standpoint, factors like environmental degradation, lifestyle changes, and social mutations have posed new risks on mankind. As a result of all this man has had to invent novel techniques for handling risks. This process has culminated into what is commonly known as Risk Management .

Risk is closely followed by insurance. Because where there are risks there is insurance. In the Indian context, after the opening up of insurance sector to private players, we now have a variety of products and insurers to choose from. The recent development of de-tarriffing in the non-life segments of fire, motor and engineering lines has augmented options for clients. On the other hand the adverse impact of this development on the hitherto subsidized lines like marine cargo and health insurance has also begun to be felt. On the life insurance side also there have been many changes in the dimension of standard products available till now. Thus while options have increased, there is now the problem of choice. What to insure, how much to insure a nd which product to buy are only some of the questions that individuals, institutions and enterprises are confronted with.

In a nutshell, whether it is the individual or a small business, a management executive or a small farmer, a poor rural community or an elite urban locality, this seems to be right time to start acting smart as regards risks – understand the need, evaluate the options and put in place a suitable risk management mechanism.


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